Brady’s quarterback rating of 111.7 leads the NFL and is the third best of hiscareer, Behind his historic 2007 season (117.2) And last season, When he had a 112.2 rating, 28 touchdown passes and just two picks. Per the team’s Twitter feed, Brady’s 26th touchdown pass of the season gave him the most for a quarterback above the age of 40, Breaking the mark set by Brett Favre and Warren Moon. It’s Week 12. How is Brady able to elude Father Time? His regimen shows in his mechanics, Which are as consistently optimal as you will ever see from any quarterback, And in his ability to refine and adjust his game to the targets around him. Cooks has become his new deep threat on vertical routes in which the young receiver can use his straight line speed to beat one on one matchups. He had a one yard touchdown pass to Burkhead against the Dolphins in which Burkhead aligned to the left slot out of the backfield and ran a quick out route beyond the coverage of linebacker Chase Allen. It was just one more example out of the hundreds in Brady’s career where the game plan predicated a mismatch, And Brady knew exactly what to do with it. It also helps when Brady has a healthy Rob Gronkowski, Who caught two touchdowns against the Dolphins. But there isn’t any one reason for Brady’s greatness or how he’s able to play as well as he ever has at this age. The only constant throughout his NFL career has been Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, And everyone who comes into his orbit becomes a better player by the experience. You may be experiencing Tom Brady fatigue. But it’s worth appreciating what he’s doing this season and as long as he continues to play because you’ll never see something like this again. NFL1000 Lead Scout, Doug FarrarIt’s weirdly ironic that a team run by one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history finds itself with one of the least effective quarterback battles in recent years. But that’s the situation Denver Broncos executive vice president and general manager John Elway created. Trevor Siemian’s benching led to Brock Osweiler’s benching, Which led to the 2017 debut of Paxton Lynch against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. As has been the case with just about everything regarding quarterbacking and the Broncos, It did not go well. Lynch completed nine of 14 passes for 41 yards and an interception against a defense that hadn’t picked off a pass all season heading into Sunday. Worse still, Lynch hobbled off the field with an ankle injury on a rollout in the third quarter.